​​​​​​​Distant energy healing & Reading​​​​​​​ Packet 1


Distant energy healing & mini reading

Energy is not limited by space or time, healing can be sent anywhere in the world at any time. These healing sessions are design to heal the body, mind, and spirit, to help balance and unblock the chakras, and to remove blockages.


 What to expect from this session?

  • This is an email healing session; please email me the area(s) you wish to heal, known patterns  and areas in your body and emotions that are affecting you. And any other information you think will be useful for this session. Is not required but sharing it will allow me  to identify  blockages to help you to remove them. 
  •  If unsure of which area(s) to heal, the Angels and your Higher Self know which areas are in need of immediate healing.
  • All the information provided is confidential.
  • This session includes Angelic Reiki Healing and an email after the session with feedback and recommendations. From time to time, I get messages from the Angels to share and to provide feedback.
  • Before the healing takes place, we will set up a time for you to receive the Angelic Reiki healing if that is preferable but is not necessary.
  • This healing packet is great for those who are starting on their inner healing journey and want to experience distant Angelic Reiki to begin removing layers of trauma, begin clearing blockages and balance the chakras.


Payment is due before the healing session starts.



Check our candles back-story here. 






    Note: These sessions are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatments. I do not offer diagnosis or prognosis.



    Please email me at madretierrahealing@gmail.com to submit the healing areas or any questions you may have.